Hotels, Ride Shares and Roomies for NJ-SCBWI June Conference

Need a hotel room for the June conference? Looking for a roommate? Need a ride from the train station? This is a post to help you connect with others to help you during the June 7-9th event.

Here are other hotels in the area.

For those seeking a roommate or a rideshare, leave a comment or reply to another comment.

We’ll then connect as many people as we can by sharing your email addresses privately. (When you leave a comment, be sure to put a valid email address in the form. It will not appear on the blog, but our admin will have it so we can connect you.)

Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments, too.

If you want to discuss anything about the event on Twitter, please use the hashtag #njscbwi13.

Let us know how we can help!


33 thoughts on “Hotels, Ride Shares and Roomies for NJ-SCBWI June Conference

  1. I would also like to share a room, but forgot to book. Happy to split costs.

    Also, I’m driving down on Friday morning from Hoboken, NJ. Happy to offer a ride & can pick up folks coming from NYC at the Hoboken path stop.

  2. I’m in the same fix. Please let me know if you’re willing to share. I would be willing to pay a bit extra for the trouble of having a roommate.

  3. Anyone driving up from the haddonfield area. Would like to share the driving. I am not spending the night – commuting.

  4. Looks like the hotel needs to add a wing. I’m also in need of a roommate. Happy to share. I’m a silent sleeper (says my hubbie) and I’ll bring snacks! Driving from Teaneck midday Friday if you need a ride.

  5. I’m coming in from Va on the Amtrack on Friday (June 07) and getting to Metropark (Iselin)NJ at 10:08AM. Would love it if anyone going in for one of the Intensives could pick me up for Princeton (rather help you with gas than get a cap driver). Thank you!!!

  6. Hello! I forgot to book a room, and was wondering if anyone was in need of a roommate for the conference. I am more than happy to help pay for the costs of the room, and can also make delicious cookies to bring as well. :0)

  7. Does anyone who has a room still need a roommate to share costs. I’m looking for a room. nonsmoking, quiet. thanks.

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